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Accordion comes with case and straps.
Italian hand-made reeds and top quality hardware and bellows are used.
Your choice of timber, you may even supply your own.
The set of numbers after the name of each model  (Hornet 30-2-12)  refers to; the number of treble buttons-the number of reeds per note-the number of bass buttons.
Because all Hyde Instruments are custom built
prices are on application only.
email Hyde Accordions for a price on the custom instrument of your choice, before proceeding to the order form.

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30-2-12, 3 row 3/4 size any keys (240 x 140 mm)
33-2-12, 3 row, full size (280 x 150 mm) with bass slides for 3rd and low fundamental
Mero's Faux pas
21-2-8, 2 row 3/4 or full size 
23-2-8, 2 row 3/4 or full size 
10-3-2 single row 3/4 size,  3 stops, made in the mezon tradition 
Harry McQueen
10-2-2 single row 3/4 or full size, no stops 
21-2-8, 2 row 3/4 or full size
mezon/Vienna hybrid 
21-2-8, 2 row 3/4 or full size
mezon/Vienna hybrid with hand-made bellows
36- 2-12,   3 row,  full size.


Transit Case (Sturdy and protective) $160
Standard pickup and power supply (in matching timber box) $100
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